Beginning again

Friday night. Forty-eight hours of freedom lay ahead. The problem? No outings with friends or shopping sprees awaited. I dreaded being home alone and bored.  So I stopped at a bookstore, bought a book, and nestled down in my bed … read more


My fight to change

I tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Earlier in the day my friend, Marcia, and I caught up by phone. She revealed she’s sleeping in her van. A layoff, a bout with cancer, and finding only part-time work waiting tables … read more

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Four (4) Reasons to keep your dying Dream alive

You have or had a dream. It shone brightly. You shared it with a friend. She thought it was a great idea and said she’d like to join you. The dream gave you joy and hope.

But it fizzled.

Your ideas met with roadblocks.

No one else is interested anymore.

The whole thing seems stupid…like a waste of time.

Your heart has sunk—and the dream with it.

Wait! Find one more step to take to keep the dream alive and take it.

Here are four (4) reasons why… read more