10 Questions to Identify Your Core Gift

Oct 24, 2012 | Calling

“Your core gift is an insight wrapped in talent and shared with others.” -G. Rose

Your gift is your talent along with the way you will use your talent–a message to share, a wrong to set right, a need to meet, a problem to solve or a way you will act to promote the good of others.

This insight isn’t by accident. You’ve been shaped by your DNA and your life experiences to possess this truth. God has shaped you and will lead you in giving your gift to the world.


!. What do I love?

2. What do I hate?

3. When have I been the happiest / most fulfilled? What was I doing or giving? Why was I fulfilled?

4. Who do I admire? Whose life most closely represents the life I’d like to live? Why?

5. If there were one “ill” I could heal, what would it be?

6. If the world were a perfect place, what would people be able to be or do?

7. Knowing myself, what is it I see or understand better than most people?

8. What issues do I care about? What unpopular or risky position will I support?

9. What is my story? (The central conflict and resolution in my spiritual journey)

10. How do Frederick Buechner’s famous words,

The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

apply? How can my gladness and the world’s “hunger” join together?


  • Set aside time to ponder the questions. Record your answers in pencil or electronically so you feel free to change/edit your answers. Revisit your answers until they feel “true.” Eliminate the questions that don’t seem to apply to you.
  • Read your answers and circle the phrases that jump out at you as having the most energy or meaning to you.
  • Now choose your top three phrases and write them in a list.
  • What phrase is the most meaningful of all?
  • Reword that phrase into a statement of the gift you will give to others / the purpose you will pursue. Here’s a template:

My Gift is to help _______ (single parents, children, immigrants, the poor, who?)

by/through _________ (your  talent/action)

in order that ___________ (your insight: the need to be met or transformation to accomplish).

My statement of the Gift I will give is:

“My Gift is to awaken people through writing and teaching to see the truth that they have a God-given purpose. I will encourage them to step out and move forward to fulfill their purpose.”

What is your Gift?

(Now share your statement with someone! You may share it with us in the comments section or with me directly by email:gloriabethrose@gmail.com. Thank you ????

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  1. Christy

    My gift is to awaken people to the Creator within through art and creative activities that also encourage exploration of their spiritual journey. I encourage them to try new things and discover new or rediscover forgotten god-given talents.

    • Gloria Rose

      Beautiful, Christy…and well said. Do you have a website?



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