Who am I? And why am I here?

These questions stormed my soul, post-crash.

I had it all together. I’d chosen certain roles and responsibilities to complete my image of cool, smart, and spiritual…until everything I’d chosen tumbled down.

  • Unexpected divorce.
  • Our teenagers moved out.
  • My home lost and treasured possessions hocked.
  • My career teetered.
  • Broken-hearted, I watched as friends also slithered away.

I felt so bottomed out, I wondered how my heart continued to beat and lungs take in air. Why should they? Life didn’t seem worth living.

I faced the huge burden of starting over.

I had to know for sure there was a God. That He saw me…and cared.

God assured me, unmistakably, that He was there. In a million ways— through prayer, scriptures, journaling, wise friends in coffee shops, music, and books that mysteriously found their way to me—He gave me insight and answers. I felt seen and loved by Him.

In retrospect, I realize:

God invited me on a journey to draw close to Him and uncover who He created me to be.

I listened.

This journey has taken me to graduate school, to a new city, and to ventures I would not have planned for myself–including teaching a “Find Your Purpose” class to prisoners and writing blog posts.

Writing on these digital pages connects me to readers on every continent. The most viewed post is:

“10 Questions to Identify Your Core Gift”

My favorite blog post (written for another publication) is:

“Changed Forever by a Book”

And this is a post I wrote years ago, early in my journey. I view it regularly to remind myself it’s OK to start over. I hope it encourages you:

“Beginning Again”

Will you join me? Your comments, questions, and stories are welcomed.


Gloria Rose

By early morning and evening, Gloria Rose is a writer. She has written for beliefnet.com and Examiner.com. By day, she is part of a non-profit in Denver, Colorado. Gloria holds a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Adult Development.

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