What is your CALLING?

More than a job, career, spouse, home, family, anything…you need to know and live out your purpose or calling. This makes life worth living.

Your purpose is the unique way you’ve been shaped to meet the needs of others.

When you prioritize your calling, you find fulfillment. Your calling is the “glue” that attracts the people and resources that fit you.

Ask, “What is the need I am here to meet?” and

“Who is my audience?”

Don’t think/reason/or look to what awesome thing someone else is doing. Look inside—the deepest wound in your soul. What is it? That is what you are here to heal. The healing you have to offer is the very work God has done in you. At your lowest point, you prayed for God’s help and experienced first-hand Jesus’ love and rescue. The natural result is a turning toward your fellow man with an intense desire to pass along this amazing gift.

Now, your prayer is, “God, what can I do to help others? Make me your instrument!”


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