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Gloria knows how to get to the heart of a person by asking just the right questions. She listens and responds with thought, clarity and wisdom. In 2005, Gloria helped me define my life purpose statement and my values. Six years later, I still use this information to keep moving forward.

Tiffany S.

Author, Speaker

I consult with Gloria often. It helps me to have a friend/advisor who takes the good with the bad, and always responds with acceptance and helpful reflection.

Bill J.

Marketing Consultant

Gloria has always encouraged me to pursue the passions, dreams and giftings God has given me. She draws things out of me I’m not able to see on my own.

Scoti D.

Author, Speaker, Publisher

Most helpful to me in the class was “the stuff I learned about myself I never realized.

Alberta L.

The class brought out in me what was there all along. It really helped me feel that I can be useful even now in prison.

Alisha A.

The class made me feel I mattered…that I do have a purpose.


I found out actually putting my purpose in one phrase helped me to have something to look at.

Destiny W.

I loved it! Thank you! Such a great ministry that helped me re-examine my purpose and how it fits in to my campus, community and world.

Kyra B.

Most valuable for me was finding focus and direction!

Student Leader

A little over 4 years ago my husband of 39 years died. He was my life and provider. I had to find a new life and figure out how to provide for myself. Gloria was a major player during this time. When I contacted her with problems and questions both large and small, she had the uncanny knack of being able to take the information and “frame” it for me so I could see and understand in a simple way just what was going on in my life. Gloria was also able to help me identify my strengths and weaknesses. She never told me what to do, only encouraged me along the path I was struggling to find. I don’t know what I would have done without this incredible woman.

Lynne L.

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