Ebook: Worth Living For

WLF_cover Worth Living For: Tragedy, Comedy and the Battle for My God-Given Dream

This ebook is a memoir of a chapter in my life that begins with pain—my father having a stroke—and ends with me following my dream. I knew my highest purpose was to be a writer.  In the two in-between years I experience depression, make tough decisions, learn to let go of the past, and step out into the new, scary unknown.

My experiences are set in a three-act drama with the characters being GLORIA and THE ALMIGHTY.

I hope you enjoy the book and find encouragement to live your highest calling. I’d love your feedback: gloriabethrose@gmail.com

42 pages $.99

 After making your payment in PayPal, you will be given a link to download the book in pdf. Feel free to read it on your computer or print it and have your own “soft” copy. Thank you for purchasing my book.  Gloria


*** FREE *** Worth Living For:

Q U E S T I O N S for Personal Reflection and Group Discussion

This 9-page Ebook contains 15 Questions to accompany Worth Living For: Tragedy, Comedy, and the Battle for My God-Given Dream (above).

The Questions will guide you in applying the book to your own life and dream or be a tool to use in a small group discussion. Feel free to use it in electronic form or print it off and write your answers in longhand. I hope you find the Questions helpful.

Download the book by clicking here. Or, enter this ink in your url: http://www.gloriarose.com/Questions_Worth Living For.pdf

Feedback? Questions? Suggestions? Your input is treasured: gloriabethrose@gmail.com

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