Fakes, Laughs, and a Goal for my Soul

Jan 1, 2016 | Calling

The handsome, body-perfect man stands with a cardboard poster: “My wife says she will give me a baby if I get 50,000 likes.”

Facebook. Where else?

What’s disheartening is that thousands of people, without a second thought, will believe this ruse and “like” it–letting themselves be played yet again. I can just hear the fabricator laughing behind the scenes, getting some kind of perverted pleasure from all the attention.

This being played is not only in social media, it’s the news media too. The “fact checking” after political debates isn’t really. It’s smearing whatever candidate lies on the opposing political side of the news analyst-writer. The writer counts the number of readers and gets her own type of perverted pleasure.

The falsity ruling our public discourse is exhausting—and why I’ve chosen a particular word to focus on this year.

My watchword and guide for the new year is this:


How can I possibly expect to sort out what’s true and what’s not in the ubiquitous media? I don’t expect to, but will certainly try. However, the truth I’m seeking isn’t on the internet or television. This year I’m aiming for greater truth in me. In my heart, mind and actions:

– I want what I say to be absolutely truthful, instead of what’s expected or what I think will gain approval.

– I want to lend time and energy to my true work. My priorities and the causes I know I’m to pursue. I won’t busy myself with the callings of others and let mine go untended.

– I want what I project into the aura around me to be truthful—not polite faking it when I know there’s a problem or issue that needs to be addressed.

– I don’t want to form negative judgments about others in my mind, when I know God has been kind to me. More than anything, God has shown me grace. I desire to be a clear, truthful vessel of that grace to others. God, help me.

– I don’t want to exhaust myself with the burden of living a lie on any level. I just want to be true.

How about you?



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