Let God Love Me: Do I want to?

Let God Love You

It’s a big deal now, using the word “God” to mean a sovereign deity who created the universe and oversees everything. We, at least here in the West, see our planet as being subject to the trajectory of large asteroids or the combination of the Higgs boson and top quark masses.

It’s perhaps an even bigger deal to insinuate this God loves us and desires to have a close relationship with each one of us.

Voice of Reason: Where’s the proof of that? I’m not seeing a lot of love all around. You’re probably one of those mystical types who hears voices and sees visions that regular (normal, sane) people don’t hear or see.

Me: Being loved by God and loving Him back is not only normal; it’s what we were created for. What it means to be a human being.

Voice of Reason: It’s a nice theory, really. Very sweet. But I need to base my life on reality. There’s a lot of poverty, sickness and violence in the world. Reality demands I own up to that. Protect myself yet roll up my sleeves and get busy helping others.

Me: I agree—we must do everything we can. But I believe the systemic reason for earth’s troubles is the broken connection between God and us.

Voice of Reason: Ok, Ok, whatever. Since you can’t prove anything, nor can I, let’s just both live as we see fit. Deal?

Me: I’ve discovered if I’m letting God love me, I become more my true self and an extension of what God is doing in the world to heal and restore it. Isn’t that best?

Voice of Reason: Once again, very idealistic. Pollyanna-ish. Not what I see at all. We’ve got a brain for a reason. To help us do what makes sense.

Me: True. It’s a choice we face every day: embrace God’s love and His path for us or go our own way.

Voice of Reason: Again, we’ve been given a brain and the ability to choose for a reason. We’re expected to use it.

Me:  With my reason I  observe my life, past and present, and recognize a force at work that is different and greater than me. My logic-brain tells me God is that force. Going in the direction of Him, throwing all of me—body, soul, and spirit—into loving Him, is a good thing for me and for the planet.

Voice of Reason: Well, you still can’t prove God’s that force.

Me: That’s just it. I don’t think God wants to be a factual deduction. That would be forcing us to choose Him—“After all, God’s a proven fact,” we’d say to any doubters.

A lack of choice makes us robots, not humans. It’s servitude—not a love relationship.

Voice of Reason: OK, OK. Truth is, I like basing my life on reason. I just don’t WANT to “love God,” or whatever you call it. Does that satisfy you?

Me: That’s it, isn’t it. God rigged it so that we get what we want. What we truly desire. If we ever did want God, we’ve forgotten how. Outside influences along with our choices have programmed that desire out of us.

My logic-brain tells me that, as God’s creation, we can have all of God that we want.

We just don’t…want…Him.

But we could find that desire again.

We could.

– – – – –

Earthly things must be known to be loved; divine things must be loved to be known.

– Blaise Pascal


– – – – –

photo credit: geishaboy500 @ flickr.com

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